Jen Rose


Jen Rose is gifted with a three-octave vocal range that is often described as rich, angelic, soulful and haunting. Jen Rose describes herself as a 'Conscious Musician' to better articulate the depth and intention behind her music and lifestyle. She facilitates healing and activations during Concerts, Events, Festivals, Goddess Gatherings, Sacred Ceremonies and private sessions across South Florida, and around the world. Her gift of sharing inspires deep, transformative teachings on Meditation, Unity Consciousness, Mindfulness and practical ways to live an empowered life. With divinely inspired, live music performances and Shamanic traditions she re-connects you with Spirit/Source and nourishes you with her acoustic, hip hop and electronic dance music. With the skill of a classical musician and the flare of Priestess rooted firmly in her power and heart, Jen Rose uses an entrancing blend of acoustic instruments and stage presence to share her message of love, healing, peace and joy through her music and guided meditations.