Kirtan with Jen Rose is a voyage through sound, mantra, meditation, energy attunement, chakra and cellular activations and a gentle and loving journey within. Using her intuitive gifts of voice, drumming, flute, guitar, piano, singing bowls and speaking Jen Rose creates a Bhakti presence that is both healing and activating. Her intention is to heal herself and others and to offer a vibrational communication that helps us reconnect with Spirit/Source to activate our Divine Destiny…for the benefit of all beings. 

Kirtan, is an active meditation of call and response chanting.The word Kirtan mean's 'praise', and as we chant we connect with a devotion to Spirit that aligns our hearts with Universal Love to develop a deep sense of benevolent trust. When we trust, the heart is healed aligning ourselves with our Higher Self. One can experience deep emotional healing, powerful guidance towards one's destiny or calling, and a mental clearing of false belief systems renewing the Spiritual connection. Today you can find Kirtan gatherings at many yoga studios, concert halls, and retreat centers around the country.

Sanskrit mantras are energy based sounds that vibrate throughout the body and chanting these sacred sounds of power can bring us to a higher level of consciousness.  The human body is over 70% water and since sound travels five times more efficiently through water than through air, it is an excellent conductor for sound and vibration. 


According to Thomas Ashley-Farrand, author of “Healing Mantras” “These ancient sounds create energy vibrations that can replace negative energy with positive ones.  When chanting Sanskrit mantras, the chanter benefits from thousands of years of powerful energy accumulated from the Divine and from the millions of devoted chanters.”  

Enlightenment (bodhi) is awakening from one's delusions, especially the delusions of the ego and of a separate self. This awakening is not intellectual, but a change in how we experience and perceive. Think of mindful chanting as a tool for helping you wake up.

One of the most powerful instruments for healing and transformation is the human voice. Singing, toning, humming and the chanting of mantras profoundly affect our well-being due to their therapeutic and calming influence. 

Jen Rose intuitively guides the evening sharing Sanskrit mantra and original Sound Healing compositions. Her unique expression of Kirtan is intuitive and flowing with Shamanic traditions to further deepen the experience. She has a divine gift for healing and opening the Heart while powerfully activating and balancing the Root, Throat, and 3rd Eye Chakras. When we chant together we tune into our Higher Selves. We access the hidden knowledge and wisdom that lies within all of us. Jen Rose is spectacular at guiding groups of people to a higher states of vibration. She expertly weaves in her own personal stories and experiences that makes her instantly relatable and comfortable in her presence. She will put you at ease with her mix of Divine wisdom and playful humor, gently wooing you into a blissful state of higher Consciousness.

Jen Rose will be the first to say she is not a guru. She is no one’s Guru but her own. One of her favorite mantras: “Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo” which translates to, “I bow to the subtle divine wisdom. I bow to the divine teacher within." holds the potential and vibration for you to discover that YOU are the Guru, YOU are the Light. YOU are the answer you have been searching for. It's been inside you all along, waiting for you to realize your own consciousness.

This is her intention: To further empower the human race to discover their own connection to Spirit/Source. Her message is clear: “You don’t need anyone to be a mediator between you and Spirit/Source. You don’t need a healer, or a guide, or a guru. You don’t need a pastor, priest or a church, to be Divinely guided. All you have to do is be still and listen to your heart. Listen to your Higher Self. Listen to the small, gentle voice inside of you that has always been there. This is the Light inside of you. This is the Source of Spirit inside of you. The further you strengthen this relationship with yourself, the stronger you will be guided by your own Source of Light. This is freedom. This is your deepest truth.”

Jen Rose is intuitive and often channels information that is life-changing and awakening for those attending. Spirit gives her organic downloads before every event via a song, mantra, teaching, direct message or melody. She is a conscious and powerful Goddess fully expressing her Divine nature in many forms: classical musician, music producer, yoga teacher, spiritual coach, mother, wife, friend, sacred space holder for Light Workers, Awakening Ones, and Gaia. She is a servant to Spirit/Source and a Priestess who is devoted to holding the frequency and vibration of Unconditional Love & Light. 

When you come to a Kirtan with Jen Rose please wear comfortable yoga clothing and come to stretch, breathe, meditate, chant and move into a direct connection with the Divine. We as a culture need to heal the heart, express the heart and use the heart to heal the world and connect with our true selves.

Bring yoga mats, percussion instruments, (shakers, rattles) and bring your voice, your Heart, and your Healing Love...

Kirtan is one of the traditional forms of Bhakti Yoga - one of the six systems of yoga revered throughout history as paths that can lead you to FULL AWARENESS of your TRUE NATURE. 


During Kirtan Jen Rose holds space for: 

Guided Meditations Inspired by Spirit 

Downloads from Your Higher Self 

Balancing and Activating all Chakras

Root Chakra Gaia Activations

De-Calcification & Activation of the 3rd Eye 

Clearing the Energy fields of Trauma and Offense

Unblocking and Activating the Throat Chakra with Japa 

Bliss-filled Ecstatic Dance

Sound Healing for the Heart

Connection with the Community